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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/18/2006  2:21:00 AM
Anonymous. Your weight is leaving the rear foot. You don`t agree with picture three so we leave it out.The next move is four. How would you get your weight in front of the front foot, we wont even bother about the knee, which will have to be over the toe to a point of imbalance and stay verticle and then to fall or catch the weight without leaning forward. As I said in the beginning the choice of words are unfortunate. To say imbalance is to be either leaning forward or backward. To catch the weight means like the feet are trapped and the body is falling ahead of its point of balance. If you like the same as a person going off a building when they get to the point of no return. That is a Rumba Walk off a very straight leg. Being that I do both style I have a image on my left which is a Rumba and one on my right which is Modern. The two don`t mix.
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