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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/19/2006  1:53:00 AM
Anonymous. We do not need to think when we walk, If we did have to think which is the leg , foot we would concentrate on. If you say the front foot you belong back up that tree. So what is a walk. It is moving your foot forward to then pass your body over to that foot with the action coming from the back foot. ( the standing foot ).
Picture four is the end and the beginning. Picture one is a standing start. On four the knee is clearly ahead of te toe.
Lets go to picture one. If that were you you would be leaning forward to your point of imbalance.
I can see at no time is the body not verticle. Just like the car keys.
This I really believe. Sometime in the past you used to dance off a very flat foot. So your teacher said get your weight forward. They might have even given you a push in the back. I`ve seen that a few times. But this was for your eyes only. To get you off that back foot.
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