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Re: To Torque or not to Torque
Posted by Anonymous
11/19/2006  3:23:00 PM
"Anonymous. We do not need to think when we walk, If we did have to think"

Quite clearly your problem is exactly that you are thinking about dancing... and as a result, the proper projection of the body into imbalance - which is almost certainly present in your non dance walking - is missing from your dancing.

"So what is a walk. It is moving your foot forward to then pass your body over to that foot"

No, mr centipede, it is not. A walk is a sending your body off balance into movement, with the leg then swinging to arrive under or slightly ahead of the body just when it is needed. This has been known for well over a hundred years, ever since someone set up a movie camera and filmed it.

"I can see at no time is the body not verticle."

Exaclty - yet in picture TWO the body is clearly not balanced over the standing foot - it is entirely in front of the standing foot. Yet it is, as you just said yourself, vertical.

Off balance, but no leaning - imagine that!
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