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Re: If my maths are ok
Posted by GuestAT
11/22/2006  9:44:00 AM
"That is lower at the end of STEP three, not the end of BEAT three."

I would argue the reverse. Waltz music has a strong first beat and kind of a softer 2nd and 3rd beat. Lowering at the end of the 3rd beat into beat 1 would create a motion that would correspond with the expression of the music.

"Even if you make the assumption that each step takes exactly one beat, there is absolutely zero evidence to suggest that beats align with steps. In fact, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that steps begin and end somewhere around halfway through each beat - that would put the weight change which is approximately the midway action of each step on the downbeat, and would have us counting steps in terms of beats as and-one, and-two, and-three."

If you're not dancing syncopated steps, each step (as it is planted) should be exactly on each beat. The transfering of weight is entirely a different matter. This all has to do with creating continuity/fluidity of movement.
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