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Re: If my maths are ok
Posted by Anna
11/22/2006  3:59:00 PM
GuestAt. First there are dancers who have been criticised for dancing behind the beat. Dancing is an art. If you are at all musical you won`t dance step one, dead on one, or two and so on. If a dancer arrives on what would appear early they can use the bending of the knee to absorbe some time. One pace or step is as the moving foot arrives under the body. So there is a distance to be travelled. The ladies leg is part of the way back on the count of three and. She is waiting for the man now to signal what length of pace he is going to take and she to respond. Then we have the other two beats and steps. They will differ from couple to couple. But if you are a member of a Formation team . What then. Everybody has to be spot on. More robotic.
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