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Re: If my maths are ok
Posted by Anonymous
12/23/2006  8:28:00 AM
" Exactly what are you on about. If it is backward steps for the lady there is no footrise."

Yes, that has been my position all along. Wheras you had to post, and then go back and repost, the following contradictory argument:

"To save you the trouble of looking for yourself I have done it for you.
This is where we do Not want no foot rise. we want foot rise.
This means we do not want to stay down. We want to come up. You idiot."

As for the timing, seeing as how you were one of those who messed up the waltz timing so badly, I suggest you leave the issue of foxtrot timing safely alone. Or take the advice Don said he was given - put the slows on the beat and don't worry about the quicks. That's pretty good advice, except that really to be univeral it should be restricted to the first quick only.
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