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How Horrendous
Posted by Questor
12/29/2006  7:55:00 PM
How Disappointing!!! I have just discovered this forum and thought it would be an excellent place to share thoughts, learn things etc. I am completely shocked to see that almost EVERY thread is a vitreol sodden rant between Don and Annonymous who completely dominate everything and just turn it into a war of words. These guys should BOTH be banned - they can't agree what day it is. Have they or the moderators any idea how offputting this is for NORMAL people with NORMAL levels of understanding? That's why there are so few contributors - they couldn't cope with the verbal warfare. I certainly wouldn't waste my time revisiting. And the rest of the site is so helpful and so valuable. Such potential, so much waste. Pity.
Re: How Horrendous
Posted by owendancer
12/30/2006  5:48:00 AM
Questor: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I agree so whole heartedly. A person visiting an otherwise interesting thread gets skewed by these two nattering on and on and on about nothing. Again thank you and our only hope is these two people wise up somehow someway. Owen
Re: How Horrendous
Posted by Another Disappointed
12/30/2006  10:48:00 AM
I know! I posted a couple of queries here and it just downright became useless because to the inanity.

I don't think they realize (or care) that they are pissing people off.

What a waste of time.

Re: How Horrendous
Posted by Anonymous
12/30/2006  10:55:00 AM
Yes, there are a lot of arguments. But there is also information. Unfortunatey, you have to filter it out from a lot of ignorant rants.
Re: How Horrendous
Posted by Administrator
12/30/2006  3:07:00 PM
Well, I suppose Questor won't care because he won't be coming back. But for the rest of our guests, here is my reply:

The reason the "moderators" have not done anything about this situation is because we don't have any moderators. I'm the one and only administrator, and I take care of every aspect of the website, which leaves me little time to be a moderator. My main concern when I visit here is answering questions, just like a normal user.

For better or worse, people have always been free here to engage in discussions freely and openly without worrying about whether they would be banned. I've even allowed people to advertise products from competing websites. I have maintained this liberal approach since the beginning, and I'm not about to change it now.

That doesn't mean that certain topics will not be deleted from time to time. Spamming is forbidden, as are off-topic discussions. Anytime you break the rules, your message will be deleted. But the simple reason I haven't deleted any of the topics domainted by our friends "Don" & "Anonymous" so far is because they haven't actually broken any rules.

One might make the case that there is occasional flaming involved, but it's very questionable. Certainly you can sense a frustration in some of their words, but that happens during disagreements. There is a difference between a heated disagreement and an all-out flame war, and I think it's fair to allow for some rivalry. For the most part, they do still stick to the discussion of the topic.

I think we can all agree that the biggest annoyance is not the occasional derrogatory comment, or even the nitpicky subject matter that seems to interest only them. What's most irritating about them is simply the fact that they have domainted the message board with their discussions in recent months. But there is nothing in our forum rules that limits the number of messages one can post, nor do I think there should be. However, enough people have chimed in that I feel the need take some sort of action. So here's my solution for now:

I will not ban anybody, and I won't even delete Don & Anonymous's discussions. I have, however, moved about a dozen of the topics dominated by these guys to the back of the pile, leaving the first two pages of the message board free of their rants. They (or anybody else) will still have the ability to find these topics and post additional replies if they so desire. But it won't be quite as easy, and may slow them down a little.

In the coming weeks, if I find more than one or two Don/Anonymous topics on the front page, I'll move them back also. But if it turns out to require too much of my attention, I reserve the right to change my strategy in one way or another.


(NOT the moderator, just the administrator)
Re: How Horrendous
Posted by Jewel B.
12/30/2006  4:15:00 PM
Perfect solution, Jonathan. That sounds like a good way to deal with the spitting match. I felt the same way as the others that this is a wonderful venue to exchange thoughts and information on dance, but was shocked at the negative cockfighting between those 2.
As I said in an earlier response to their tirade, it is better to focus on what is right, rather than who is right. (That is the key to successful dance partnerships also).
Re: How Horrendous
Posted by Anonymous
12/30/2006  8:05:00 PM
"it is better to focus on what is right, rather than who is right."

There's enough to worry about in the first that I'm sorry to admit that we have indeed from time to time gotten a bit too distracted by the second.

Re: How Horrendous
Posted by Juice23
12/31/2006  7:16:00 AM
I'm glad someone brought this up. Yes, there's some good information to be found, but the funny thing is that in almost every arguement the two or three people are generally saying the exact same thing, only phrased differently using different words. That's a perfect observation that they are very concerned with having the last word to be the one who is right.
Re: How Horrendous
Posted by Anonymous
12/31/2006  8:18:00 AM
"the funny thing is that in almost every arguement the two or three people are generally saying the exact same thing, only phrased differently using different words"

Actually, no. The disagreements are mostly quite serious in substance.
Re: How Horrendous
Posted by Tangoman
12/31/2006  8:49:00 AM
Well said, Anonymous. You couldn't have proved Juice23's point more perfectly.

(And you'll just drive the point right home if you reply to this!)

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