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Re: Lack of support from Family
Posted by Guest
1/7/2007  8:44:00 PM
I have been through this big time-I agree with Dave-keep your goals and ambitions to yourself. Not only will everyone doubt you, they will go out of their way to stop you.

I am older then you, and still very active in dance and gymnastics, and my sisters are among many others who I could care less if I never see again another day in my life-and dancing is the source. But my situation has been a very extreme and unusual incident. This last Christmas, I stayed away from them-did not want to see them. This situation is not likely to change from here on out.

I am completely non-forgiving, and there is no compromise when it comes to tampering with my dancing-or other physical activity. I do not know how far anyone has went in your situation, but the forgiveness is your decision.

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