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Re: We're all neither angels or demons
Posted by community member
2/6/2007  7:34:00 PM
I am a dancer in the community of this heartfelt situation, and I know and love BOTH this pro and his wife(they are only separated). They have shown the utmost of integrity in the face of their marital problems with a concern for being in a leadership position in our community. Both of them are loved by all, although the same cannot be said for the student. She willfully took advantage of a marriage with problems (and if you've never had problems--you must be single) If you've ever seen this pro dance with his wife--and he continues to dance more with her than ANYONE, you would know that they have a true connection that expresses itself through their dance. They dance with a beauty unsurpassed by anyone I know. It heartens all of us who continue to pray that this situation will right itself. If you would see pro and student dance, you would definetly NOT see that connection, but a woman trying awkwardly to fill the shoes of his beautiful wife. Pro and wife have tried to make everyone continue to feel the love of dance, and tried to take the spotlight off of their personal problems. It is our hope that they will find their love again. It is a shame that people pry where the shouldn't and find pleasure in gossipping at the pain of others. Pro and wife need our love,not gossip! i also hope the person who aired this situation has to one day face the same public thing, I assure you that they couldn't handle it with the same grace as this couple. For said person, if you're worried about your husband, you'd better take a closer look at YOUR marriage and not theirs. To pro and wife, we love and support you, please find your way back to each other.
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