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Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by borntodance
2/6/2007  8:30:00 PM
I wonder if you would view dancing or dance teachers in the same light if a professional ran off with your significant other after being in a 25 year relationship. When it's happening right before your eyes, of course it makes one think if it would/could happen to them. It's human nature.

Usually in the work environment, dating co-workers, and in this case, your students, is prohibited. And some are let go if found out. This particular professional that left his wife for a student, has lost his credibility, in my opinion. The other men students at the studio are probably wondering if they can trust him with their wive/girlfriend when they are on a private lesson now.

For the sake of his wife, this teacher should relocate. It wouldn't be as big a deal had he started an affair outside the dance world. No one would personally know the mistress then. His wife, who is also a dance lover, has the right to continue dancing at that studio. They all have the right, but the guilty parties would be doing everyone a favor if they relocated, that's if they have any decency left in them. For all 3 to continue dancing in the same place and with each other, as if nothing has changed is ludicrous. This is not going to last; something will eventually give. This again is human nature.

Ellen, I wonder why you are overly sensitive to this discussion that you call 'gossip'. I wonder if you yourself have been a victim of gossip or slander in a similar situation such as this. It seems you sympathize more with the cheating couple than with the innocent wife...hmm. Why are you not shocked at what this so-called professional did/is doing?

These people talking here seem concerned about our dance community, and rightly so. We expect our professionals to behave in a respectful manner when with the opposite sex. We look up to them, whether they want us to or not. Dancing is one of the most intimate things that two people can do who are not married to each other. Extra precautionary measures should be taken.

I'm sure I'll get feed-back on this one.
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