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Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by I-Just-Wanna-Dance
2/7/2007  9:21:00 AM
By the way... I'm not saying I agree with what happened. I'm just saying that IF the ALLEGED incident took place, it is not because the pro is "easily seduced" or because the student is/was on a power trip. I'm saying that there likely was something going on between the married couple that no one else knows about. I'm not placing blame on anyone; I'm simply saying that NO ONE in this forum knows the whole story, only the parties directly involved, and until THEY decide to shed further light on the subject, everyone else should butt out, stop gossiping/speculating and be supportive on the married couple.

Oh, and BornToDance... I don't think or wonder of a situation as this could/would happen to me. I'm secure in my relationship with my significant other. It may be human nature to some people to worry about things like that; however that energy should be getting invested into your relationship and not wasted on suspicion.
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