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Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by Ellen
2/7/2007  10:55:00 AM
No, I've never been the victim of gossip, but there are some people like you in my dance community, who spend more time sitting on the sidelines making nasty comments about other people than they do dancing. Trust me, they (and you?) are a less attractive sight and more of a detriment to the dance community than the people they delight in talking about.

Anyone who thinks a spouse or SO can be "stolen" by someone else has been watching too many soap operas. No one leaves a relationship that they are happy in and that works well. So if seeing another relationship break up makes you suspect your husband will also leave you, I'd suggest some counseling or one of those marriage exploration weekends many churches run.

I won't be posting again in this thread. It's high time this thread got off the first page and sank out of sight (where it belonged in the first place).
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