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Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by Happy Dancer
2/7/2007  4:03:00 PM
Last time I checked it was a free society and one can do as he pleases. 25 years is a very long time in a marriage and should be deemed successful. People do grow apart and relationships end for one reason or another.

I was in an unhappy marriage for 12 years and my wife left me for a guy with a criminal record. I feared for my children. She told me to get out and she wanted to be with this guy. I was distraught and sad, but once I started moving over to my new place I began feeling great, like I was freed from a prison sentence. With time everything worked out for the best and my mental health remained in tack. Had some legal, financial, kid, and mental
issues but everthing worked out with time. This is when I took on ballroom dancing for a hobby. One never knows what goes on in a marriage and life is short, very short if you are unhappy.

In the dance world there are lots of married people and events like this are threating. On the dance floor in studios everyone is under a microscope and relationship problems are over magnified.
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