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Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by borntodance
2/7/2007  5:15:00 PM
Anonymous: Please don't put words in my mouth or misconstrue what I wrote. I did not 'slander EVERY remarriage that ever happened'. We're talking about this particular situation. I know there are extenuating circumstances in some divorces and remarriages. But no matter what the reason, divorce is very hurtful and damaging to everyone involved, especially children. And who said anything about 'eternal flames'???
I'm sorry if that's the kind of God you serve.

If this innocent wife remarries when this is all over with, I believe she can and will have a successful life and 'remarriage', maybe better. It may take a while for her to get over this, but healing will come in time. After all, she had no choice when the husband left, and she probably will have no choice when/if he divorces her.

And yes, we live in a 'free society', and we can do as we please. But if we make poor choices in life, it will come back to bite us. That's life. You can't tell me there aren't some things you'd like to do over in your life, or take back some painful decisions you've made after you look back. We can grow from our mistakes, but the pain will come first. I did not put that law into motion....God did. And again, I said nothing about 'eternal flames'.

So please don't pretend you know what I'm about or what I think about every remarriage. YOU are the one who needs to 'THINK before you open YOUR BIG mouth'. You might want to get some eye glasses, too.
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