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Feather Step International Style
Posted by quickstep
2/7/2007  6:48:00 PM
Jonathan. What are your thoughts on this. The Dancesport Championship from Australia televised on Tuesday. In the Amatuer Division there were many international top dancers competing. Watching the start of the Feather Step in both the semi final and the final. It was possible to count and wind back count another couple and so on. The couples I counted six in all. I only saw one couple do the normal Feather Step timing. That was a Chinese couple.They appeared to go into the Reverse Turn late. It even looked out of time. All the others did an introductory step on beat 1. with the remainder of the Feather all quicks, which makes the first step of the Feather a quick, instead of what is normaly a slow. The event was won by Germany`s top couple.
In your Learn the Dances. I love the clicking on the screen to get the big picture. Great.
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