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Re: Feather Step International Style
Posted by Anonymous
2/7/2007  7:51:00 PM
"Then you are on the wrong beat. And will enter your Reverse movement , what ever it may be on the incorrect beat."

Well, I'm in good company with the likes of Mirko Gozzoli, and Andrew Sinkinson, and pretty much everyon else whose every won anything. All of us drift our last quick out well more than a beat - 1.5 beats at the short end, nearly two beats at the long end.

Ever considered that perhaps YOU are the ODD ONE OUT?

"Lets make it simple. An Open Telemark. Surely you don`t deliberately dance it 3 4 1 2.?

No, it would be closer to 234.5 But even that is far too crude to represent what actually happens. You were given real world measurements for the basic foxtrot figures on Jonathan, on your nominee and another top dancer. Why do you persist in IGNORING THEM?

"In a class starting at the Double Reverse."

A teacher whose students aren't yet ready to learn real-life foxtrot timing should probably not be trying to teach them how to do waltz figures in foxtrot time, but instead should be working with the classic foxtrot figures. Or were you talking about a waltz class? Waltz timing has a whole different basis of course, much closer step on the beat than is generally appropriate for foxtrot first and third steps.
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