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Re: Dance teacher leaves wife for student.
Posted by Anonymous
2/7/2007  8:15:00 PM
Maybe we expect too much from our dance teachers. Most only have a high school education at best. Their main education is in dance. Most live in some type of isolated bubble that includes other dancers. Most can talk ok since they are required to teach, but their skills with handling students, the public, and other problematic areas are not so good. They are still put on a pedestal since most can dance well. But their life and other skills may be sadly lacking. There is one high level breed of teacher that teaches competition and coachs competitors and then there is the entertaining studio clown pros. Dance teachers are really just regular guys and what skills they have are mostly limited to dance only. We should't expect much from them. The shenanigans expressed on this thread probably is a sample of the goings ons at most dance studios.
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