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Re: Foxtrot as displayed on this site
Posted by quickstep
2/9/2007  2:43:00 AM
Did I understand correctly that some people think that the third step should be on beat one and not beat four.
If that were the case exactly what timing is being used on the first step of the Reverse Turn. Is that on the second beat and now becomes a quick instead of a slow.. And then what happens on the the fourth step. Do we then pick up the normal timing. Why would we leave it in the first place.
Is there some misunderstanding happening here where the four beats are split into eight by some teachers some of the time, mainly to show that at the end of the Feather as an example the count becomes 4 (and ) which is called a balance point, or neutral or a collection point and is not 4 1 it is 4 (and).
On my tape some time is spent explaining that the feet are S Q Q. But the body is dancing Q. Medium .S. The interpretation should be left to the individual,If the judges don`t like it then out they go.
It is possible that in a demonstration on one Reverse movement the dancer may arrive a little late. Do they do it on every step. Only an idiot would try to copy that one off and try to make it regular.
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