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re: Is dance a sport?
Posted by warriorship
11/4/1999  4:11:00 PM
I am a ballroom dance teacher in the State of Ohio and I am here to say the ballroom is definately a sport. It is to an exhibition in the upcoming Olympics with hopes of becoming an Olympic sport. If the Olympic commitee sees enough potential for it to be in the Olympics, it must exhibit enough of the qualities of a sport. Also consider, all of the Olympic ice dancing couples use professional ballroom dance coaches for training and choreography.

Another interesting bit of information, an article I recently read sited scientific studies in which ballroom dancers were hooked up to heart monitors etc. After compiling data the scientists discovered that professional ballroom dancers exert as much energy etc. as that of Olympic runners, cyclist, etc.

I think that should be enough evidence to provide someone with the proper perspective and let them decide for themselves if ballroom dancing is a sport. Keep in mind, I am talking about someone dancing with proper techinque and control.

Thank you,


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