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Re: Learn
Posted by anon
2/13/2007  8:21:00 PM
Hustle is a much harder dance to learn correctly than I realized. It's fast, but one needs to make it smooth and slow to look good. Lot's of specific technique that's a must to learn. Very few people do Hustle correctly. The music is long, you need lots of patterns to enjoy it, and both parties need to be doing good technique for it to feel right. There are 4 or so big competitions nationally that good teachers do workshops. There is a Mad Jam in Arlington, Va. on March 3rd and Miami Hustle-Salsa in May. You are dead in the water without a good Hustle teacher. Most good teachers live in New Jersy, NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, and Washington DC. Artie Phillips is considered one of the best. Google his website for dvds and information.
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