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Re: Rumba Count
Posted by Anonymous
3/18/2007  10:39:00 PM
"If you look again you will see the thread is asking about the count . One studio says S Q Q . The other is Q Q S. In the International technique book it does give an alternate way of counting using Slows and Quicks. It is Q Q S ."

Sure, and you can count a runing finish in quickstep as QQS.

But, it's not the same as the international rumba QQS, any more than the american rumba variant described as QQS is the same as the international rumba QQS.

There are THREE distinct rumba timings - international and TWO VERSIONS of american, NEITHER OF WHICH MATCHES INTERNATIONAL TIMING.

Or tempo, for that matter - both american version being a bit faster, even today.
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