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Re: Rumba Count
Posted by LuvLatin
3/19/2007  6:29:00 PM
For one who doesn` t do the American Style and trying to make sense out of it. To me it is how you start off.
If you use S Q Q . it means you are doing the Slow on the RF to the side and continue.
If you are using Q Q S. It probably means your first step is a Front Basic on the LF for a Q and continue. Whichever way you are taught the Slow will have Two beats and the Quicks One beat. I hope this is clear.In the International Style on a Basic the first step forward LF is on beat two. So we have step one on beat two. Thus we have the count of
2 3 (4 1). Not knowing the other styles there is a possibility you are dancing (3 4). 1 2. Which to us is out of time with the music.
Finely. If you were into a Sequence Rumbas, there are many of them, The Queen of Hearts is one. They all start LF forward on beat one.
Whichever way, we have Two legs Four Beats . Three Steps and One hip movement.
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