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Re: Rumba Count
Posted by Anonymous
3/20/2007  5:49:00 AM
The rumba count issue is one of the reasons that I switched to International Latin. Am. Rhythm has so many different syllabus patterns by different schools, plus different counts that each school chooses to invent. With Int. Rumba, I do a starter step with my right foot on 8, hold on 1 and step forward or break on 2 with my left foot. I have danced Int. Rumba to American tempo, but it is not the same and you can't do much hip work with faster music.

The so called American Smooth and Rhythm has been somewhat of a curse for serious dancers and having to navigate all the different variations of beats and watered down versions of International dance movements.
International has solid information, syllubus patterns, reference manuals, the best teachers, and consistant counts and music.
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