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Re: Rumba Count
Posted by LuvLatin.
3/20/2007  6:00:00 PM
I absolutely agree with everything you said. As i put once before. Just about all the top dancers start in a static position as if they have done a Rumba Walk on the LF. They pick up the count and step forward on the RF on the beat of one and then a Front Basic as normal with the LF. Alen Fletcher on his tape says every step is either a forward or backward walk. Wally Laird once said to a lady pupil. If i see a gap between your thighs once more i will place my hand in that gap. More on the gap from Katarina on Slavik` s DVD. You know how some of us are told at the start to have our RF to the side and roll over on one. That` s out. Wally would have seen to that. It` s interesting that you are starting on the eighth beat which means you are counting at the beginning 5 6 7 8 which is correct and makes you in phrase with the music. You must have a well informed teacher.
In the Cha Cha Donnie Burns sets up with the RF behind the LF and starts with a Lock ( Latin Cross) on the RF 4 and 1. No rolling onto the RF there. Best of luck.
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