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How it has changed
Posted by Mad Russian
3/23/2007  7:54:00 PM
In Alex Moore`s technique book. The very first chart in the Waltz section hasn`t been performed that way for many years. The Closed Change, either backward or forward you will see that once step one is in place, step two goes straight out to the side and then the closing of the feet takes place. The way it is done today after step one is in place the now moving foot comes under the body before going to the side. If anyone is being taught or allowed to do different I would suggest they try for themselves and see which is the better and do the same on any simular steps. This now gives us one type of stepping back or forward in any of the Swing Dances. If you put a little pressure when going backwards on the heel of the moving foot you will find it adds to your ability to balance. If we now go to the next page which is a Natural Turn the moving foot passes under the body at the time the turn takes place. I seem to remember some discusion a while back about being able to lift the moving foot off the floor after it is is in place under the body in practise which proves i believe that a person is perfectly balanced. Correct me if I am wrong but it came from a lecture by Andrew Sinkinson. My apologies to Alex, but he did have to write as it was being done in those days. His hands were tied.
When doing a Backward Lock in the Quickstep as you draw the left foot to Lock a little bit of pressure on the heel will not go astray. From there you can find other places where this technique can be applied. IIoka
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