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Re: Competitive DanceSport
Posted by Quickstep
3/23/2007  8:52:00 PM
When it comes to a final with only six on the floor I would as a judge turn the other eye. But if there were twelve on the floor and any one of them deliberately move against the LOD on the short side of the hall I would D them and tell both they and there coach why. Those of you who have been to Blackpool when Billy Irvine was the compare will no doubt remember him saying each year. In fact he stopped the music one year and read the riot act to them. If you don`t dance on the correct alignment you will not get a mark. The dance was Quickstep and some about half way down side one decided they would like to go diagnal across the floor to the far corner. So he put a judge right in the corner at the end of side one and said if you don` t dance into that corner that judge will not mark you.
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