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Re: How it has changed
Posted by Anonymous
3/23/2007  9:20:00 PM
"In Alex Moore`s technique book. The very first chart in the Waltz section hasn`t been performed that way for many years. The Closed Change, either backward or forward you will see that once step one is in place, step two goes straight out to the side and then the closing of the feet takes place."

The line drawn for the path of the 2nd step is most certainly NOT STRAIGHT TO THE SIDE!!! There is mot definetly a change of direction part way through the movement, from forward/back to sideways - drawn more clearly on the lady's chart than the man's unfortunately.

It seems to me that what is likely happening is that the 2nd step swing forwards as the standing heel rises and the moving KNEE arives under the body. From there - before the man's moving foot can close - the body pushes sideways out of the inside edge of the standing toe and over into the position of step two.

So there is most definitely a close towards before the sideways movement; the only question is how complete that is - apparently more complete for the backwards action than for the forwards one.
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