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Re: How it has changed
Posted by Anonymous
3/24/2007  10:47:00 AM
"There must be some pressure on the moving foot other wise it is in flight and out of any control untill it lands once again on the floor."

It is perfectly in control without ANY MOVING FOOT PRESSURE provided that:

1) you aim it properly


2) your moving foot is strong enough to carry your entire body weight on the pads of its toes (not the ball of the foot - ultimately you will have to go to the pads of the toes of one foot, not due to extereme rise, but to extreme forward position of the weight before you leave the foot)

If you can't do these things, you probably want to make your movements smaller.

Moving foot pressure can have some role in letting you feel where you are... but if IT MUST NOT PLAY ANY ROLE IN SUPPORTING THE BODY.

"The idea of lifting the foot from the floor and putting it down again in practise magnifies the need to dance all the body weight from foot to foot. Many people are none committal especially in the Foxtrot. They never fully go onto the foot carrying the weight."

If they keep some body weight in the moving foot as you appear to advocate, obviously they won't go fully onto the other foot. If they use only the standing foot as I advocate, then obvioulsy they will.

"The war cry here is stay on the supporting leg longer and dance from foot to foot. Or balanced to balance. Do that and we are part way there. There being a better dancer."

You should keep all weight off the moving leg, and in that sense you do stay "on" the supporting leg.

But you must not make the FATAL MISTAKE OF TRYING TO STAY "OVER" THE SUPPORTING FOOT. If you do that, you movement will be halting an choppy.

You must develop a williness to PROJECT YOUR BODY BEYOND THE STANDING FOOT, INTO IMBALANCE. Wihtout this you will never develop smooth and gracefull movement.

And it really should not be an intellecutal stretch, given that you've been doing the same thing in walking every day of your life since age 2!!!
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