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Re: How it has changed
Posted by Quickstep.
3/24/2007  6:08:00 PM
These few words answer all the questions. We do not dance as we walk. Or if you like walking is nothing like dancing. When we walk we all lift our foot from the floor. When we dance our feet skim the floor. Striding is not dancing. Keeping the weight on the supporting foot longer will allow us to go to the full extent of our drive and is the only way you will be able to have two straight legs with the weight suspended between the heel of the front foot and the toe of the back foot. Exactly as it is written in the technique books and demonstrated on DVD` s . If I dance as I walk I will be continuously standing on one leg with a partner also continuously standing on one leg and I will literally fall onto my forward step from the push off the standing foot. Anyway there is no argument here. In the technique books a Forward or Backward Walk is explained in detail Pages 9. 10. 12 . page 11 is a picture.
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