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Re: How it has changed
Posted by Anonymous
3/24/2007  8:06:00 PM
"These few words answer all the questions. We do not dance as we walk. Or if you like walking is nothing like dancing. When we walk we all lift our
foot from the floor."

Not necessairly. It really doesn't matter if you do or don't - the smooth action of the body across and beyond the standing foot into imbalance is the exact same either way.

Too bad that you still can't understand something so obvious about something that you have been DOING ALL YOUR LIFE.

You just plain can't see beyond the nearly irrelevant distraction of how the the moving foot is or isn't off the floor.

"Keeping the weight on the supporting foot longer will allow us to go to the full extent of our drive"

On, BUT NOT OVER. If you are not willing to send your body BEYOND YOUR STANDING FOOT, PROJECT INTO IMBALANCE you will really have a really weak, sorry action with no drive at all.

"and is the only way you will be able to have two straight legs with the weight suspended between the heel of the front foot and the toe of the back foot."

Using championship lowering, it is nearly impossible to get two straight legs - you just can't move yourself far enough to create the hypoteneuse of that triangle. But at wimpy social dance height, it's a picnic to get two straight legs.

"Exactly as it is written in the technique books"

Gross ignorance - you will not find any mandate for straight legs. And your description of the footwork is of a WALKING EXERCISE, NOT ANY ACTUAL DANCE STEP.

Another day, another helping of GROSS IGNORANCE from quickstep...
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