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Re: Pause in the feather
Posted by Anonymous
4/6/2007  9:34:00 PM
"Are you two married to each other? You two clearly have your own viewpoints on the feather step, and neither are going to change the others view......LET IT GO!"

All you have to do is click over to the feather video and you'll see who knows what they are talking about, and who is full of their own imagination.

1) Is there a pause in the feather? Well, can you find one?

2) When does Jonathan's right heel touch down on step three, before or after his left foot closes to it? What do you yourself see?

Granted, that video is far from perfect. But it should be enough to illustrate a number of key points about the character of movement in foxtrot. As well as the difficulties caused by the common mistake of letting the feet get too far ahead of the body.
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