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Re: Rumba Count
Posted by LuvLatin.
4/13/2007  7:17:00 PM
Dennis. I wonder how this one got back on the calendar. With some people I think the slows and quicks are here to stay. Anybody who is serious about their international style of Rumba would be well adviced to steer clear of slows and quicks. I was reading that initially in Modern the count was always 1234. Then it was decided that to use the words slows and quicks might help a beginner At that time they didn`t have the Russian language in mind, or that of Outer Monglia.
Not knowing, but i would take it that in any of the styles a slow is two beats and the quicks one beat..Transfer that to the International Style and we have 23 41. Three steps and four beats. The beat one is, in the Basics, a movement of the hips only. The foot does not move on the count of one.
Those of you who are into Salsa may dance their forward step on beat one and your hip moves on four. You may or may not know that Salsa has the same Latin Motion. And you have in the Basics three steps and four beats. By the bye. some people wonder why the Modern Tango is not classed as a Latin dance. It is because there is no Latin motion in the Tango. Argentine Tango or otherwise. Interesting isn` t it.
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