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Re: Rumba Count
Posted by Quickstep
4/17/2007  4:29:00 PM
Gaz 124. You can answer your own question. If a Slow is used that is two beats. a Quick is one.
If we dance the international timing and started with a Slow. That would be a shift of the weight to the right side or slightly forward on the count of 4 1 or slow. If we danced the first step as a quick we would be stepping forward with our left foot.. Replace weight on three and to the side on the slow which is 4 1. In both cases the forward step is one beat or quick on the second beat of the bar of music.
If you were to watch Donnie Burns in his setup before the music starts playing. He stands with his LF in front of the right just as though he has taking one walk. He moves the right foot forward on the count of one. Another international competitor teaches the set up with the RF forward and the LF behind and steps straight forward on the second beat with the LF ignoring the first beat. Both ways will be dancing on the correct beat. None of them seem to like a right foot out to the side and roll over on 4 1. If you do it that way you will still be on the correct beat. Donnie Burns went on to say that even before the music starts playing he as a judge is already scanning the couples. If a couple were sitting on their haunches and only came to life when the music started . He is already looking elswhere.
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