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Re: Weight ON/IN the foot vs. OVER the foot
Posted by Quickstep
4/30/2007  7:39:00 PM
I`ve gone back to your posting 4 /1/07.
The body weight is verticly aligned directly over the knees, which are in front of the toes.
That is not possible unless the knees are dead straight even then I don`t think it would be acceptable. When you make a suggestion, don`t you try before you write. If you do it correctly there is only one way. If we take the lowering in the Waltz. As the heel touches the floor the knees bend. Where is the weight. It is behind the knees. Your body is not over your knees unless your knees are straight which is incorrect. It`s as simple as that. Let us not forget that you might have to go backward or forward or to the side.
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