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Posted by anymouse
5/19/2007  6:01:00 AM
"The 63rd Blackpooi Championships.
final of the Foxtrot Andrew Sinkerson couple 245."

Ah, you are right. That slanting line of the four is hard to see on mine, i had thought it was 215.

"He does the intro on beat one."

WRONG. It is before beat one. Measure with more care!

"The first of the Feather on beat two."

WRONG AGAIN. It is before beat two. You r problem is that you started counting at the wrong time.

"The second step on beat three."

Yes. There's no argument about that. Measure how much time there is between the prep step or step one, and step two, and calculate backwards from beat three and you will discover your ERROR in reporting the time of the those two earlier steps.

"The third step on beat four. The third step he delays to stay with the music."

Now you are CONTRADICTING EVEN YOURSELF. How can it be on beat four and also be "delays to stay with the music"? It can't. IN PLAIN FACT, SINKINSON'S STEP THREE IS NEARLY 3/4 OF A BEAT AFTER FOUR, nowhere even remotely near being "on beat four" as you falsely claim. Learn to measure with more care - again, measure the time since step two, add that to beat three, and you'll find you're on beat four and three quarters or thereabouts.

"Do you realize how ridiculous it is to refere to steps as being 4.5 and 4.75."

Yes, but the facts of the situation require ugly fractions... that is, if you wish to actually talk about when a foot finds its place. I don't really think that's a productive way of looking at dancing - the REAL KEY IS THE TIMING OF THE BODY, NOT OF THE FEET. But as long as you are going to make wildly FALSE CLAIMS about foot timing, I'm going to be forced to correct them with EASILY VERIFIED MEASUREMENTS OF THE TRUTH.

"If you want metric we have .5 + .25 of a step hanging around somewhere."

There's a carryover of part of the duration of the third step into the next measure... and of that the final quick of that measure in the measure after it, and so on. I've been pointing that out to you for months. Jonathan pointed that out to you too... It's quite notable on the video of Sinkinson... but you just IGNORE THE FACTS.

"As I said get into the real world. At this moment in time you are not"

You're the one ignroing the FACTS of the video you watched, as they CONTRADICT YOUR FLAWED THEORY.
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