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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by CliveHarrison
6/6/2007  1:45:00 AM
Oh, I do laugh!

America - just what makes the place tick? Here in the UK the overwhelming majority of dance studios are privately owned, and in my region, the going rate for a class if around £5/hour, and you just turn up and pay. If you don't like the teacher, the studio or the other students, you go where you like and pay about the same.

The price of private lessons can vary widely (as you would expect), but £18-25/hr is typical at beginner/intermediate level. There are no chains: I don't buy crap food at McDonalds, and I don't buy crap coffee at Starbucks - why on earth would I want to buy franchised dancing?

You get what you deserve. If customers didn't flock to such outfits, they would fold.
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