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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by JB_Locke
6/7/2007  11:11:00 PM
Although I do support the suppression of sales before dancing tactics, I must toss in my two cents here.

I see a lot of people complaining about instructors who learn from videos, and at the same time they complain about the high prices of lessons. Surely you know that if you learn from sources other than videos, you will be either taking lessons which cost money, or receiving professional coaching which costs more money.

I see people wanting professionally trained instructors (trained by professionals I assume) but they want the rates lowered. Now, while I am in agreement that some rates are very high, if you want a professional instructor, be prepared to pay for it, because it isn't cheap for them to get where they are at.

Just had to toss another viewpoint in there. But let it be known, I am against those instructors who try to "suck the money right out of you" because they give those of us who actually love to teach a bad rap.
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