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Posted by quickstep
6/8/2007  8:46:00 PM
If anybody wonders what happened to Christopha Hawkins and Timothy Howson at Blackpool. They had to pull out because of injuries. In the join hands and running end to end for the finalists. 4th place Roberto Ville slipped and kept going and finished crashing into the audience. Information from Peter Beardsley Ameture Rising Stars. 340 couples. 17 heats 20 couples per heat. The first round took almost three hours to complete. He writes As rough as guts and every couple for themsevles, we took to the battlefield. Peter and Rebecca survived round one. The most nervous walk back to the Winter Gardens was to see if they had made it into heat two. There was their name on the board. Four months training since Bournemouth where they didn`t make it out of the first round with 180 couples this time there were 340 and they got through. Offical placing 166.
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