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Re: Spin Sway
Posted by phil.samways
6/11/2007  6:16:00 AM
I've been away for a week, and this thread is still rumbling on.....
I was away on a dancing week with workshops and lessons by top coaches.
2 very important points were made (plus, of course, others which are irrelevant to this discussion).
1)THe "italian" or continental style of dancing is taking over (evidence? results at Blackpool) where there is considerable use of shaping and sway.
2)The technique book should not be followed slavishly by those aspiring to the higher competitive levels. As one very well known ex-champion pointed out, if someone tried to document all the modern techniques used in dancing, it would be an overwhelming task.

I already knew, but had it demonstrated to me by myself (work that out!!)in the workshops that the correct use of sway considerably enhances body flight and the attractiveness of figures. Not tango of course.
When i started dancing, i had the technique book with me most of the time.
Now it's in a drawer in my bedroom.
Ultimately, i do what my coach says. This includes swaying to the right on a back-turning lock. It actually works better than no sway.
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