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Re: Spin Sway
Posted by anymouse
6/11/2007  7:31:00 AM
"1)THe "italian" or continental style of dancing is taking over (evidence? results at Blackpool) where there is considerable use of shaping and sway."

It's not like the English don't use shaping and sway, however their use is more strictly coupled to the movement, and as a result tends to become large only at the highest levels of accomplishment. In contrast, many of the students of the Italians will put sway in as a decorative detail, long before they learn to make it a functional result. In terms of results at Blackpool, don't forget that England's top two couples didn't dance.

"When i started dancing, i had the technique book with me most of the time.
Now it's in a drawer in my bedroom.
Ultimately, i do what my coach says. This includes swaying to the right on a back-turning lock. It actually works better than no sway."

Maybe you should get it out and re-examine it from the perspective of your current knowledge. It might not be as outdated as you think - the usual problem is misunderstanding it. For example, sway on the back turning lock is actually right there in the book! It's the sway on the spin turn itslef that is a case of picking up clues from the description of one figure about what could enhance another.
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