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no subject
Posted by peter_kosmas
6/25/2007  10:33:00 AM
leading is not the problem !! i will give u an example with what happens !
i learn kick breaks in mambo !!! o.k?
i go somewhere ! they say that there are no kick breaks in mambo, i go somewhere else they say yes there are but we do not use hands ! most studios i see have difrent footwork
!i was very angry cause i spend a lot of money to learn !!!
i just believe that in Greece !!! "not talking for other countries" American Style is not a good solution !!! because there are no standards and in Greece the Certificates in American Style are given from the same dance school ! so that means that they may teach u anything they want !!
but if u do international style ! they can't teach u anything they want ! cause
teachers from england come and exam u ! and u get an istd degree !!!!!
in amercan u get an ABCD !!!!!
in other countries in not the same !!!
i know what i said was wrong !!!! but i still believe that better do international in greece and then go for the American style !
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