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no subject
Posted by Screwed
6/26/2007  2:56:00 PM
The only time when my AM dance instructor teaches me anything new is when I sign up for a Showcase. There are two groups of students at AM, those who compete/participate and those who do not compete/participate in the showcases and comps.

I noticed that those of us who only take 1 private per week do not learn any new routines at all. Where as those who particpate in showcases ($1000) and comp ($3000-$4000) are taught short routines of about 4-5 new steps.

I am screwed because I spent about $150 per week on my private and my instructor wont show me any routines, just one step per lesson without linking it into other steps to form a short routine. If I want to learn how to link a couple of steps together, then I have to sign up for a showcase or comp, which means I will have to spend ($1000-$4000) on top of my weekly private lessons.

I have been told by others at the studio that if I join a showcase or comp, then I will have to take more than 1 private per week to learn and practice the material. They recommend 3 or 4 privates per week.

This would mean that I would end up spending $5000 to learn short routines for a showcase and $10,000 to learn short routines and participate in a comp.

Please help.

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