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Re: Making the Transition from American to Int`l Style
Posted by anymouse
6/27/2007  7:52:00 AM
"that was very helpful and convinient :)) sorry for my english hehe !!! what about the technique??? i was very disapointed with american style !!! only moves and footwork no technique ! i know that some people will disagree with that but i saw great dancing from people that ware dancing international and that was cause the movement they had was very impressing !!! but i believe that i will need a lot o f work on the technique subject"

The technique is a major reason why you will be returning to the beginning elements many times during your career. Each time, you will do them with better technique than you were previously capable of understanding.

International style is usually taught with a greater technical emphasis than american style, but it doesn't have to be. It's mostly due to the stereotypical roles of the two styles.
Re: Making the Transition from American to Int`l Style
Posted by terence2
7/7/2007  5:17:00 AM
Its actually truer, that the real reason is--under trained teachers. Have dealt with them in the " chain " system for many yrs . You would ( maybe,maybe not ) be amazed at their lack of fundamentals .NOT their fault, I might add.
Re: Making the Transition from American to Int`l Style
Posted by Alexa
7/9/2007  8:26:00 AM
I have just switched from American Style to International too!! I also completed the entire bronze syllabus in American style rhythm prior to switching.

I have had 3 or 4 classes and am still finding the very basic elements of rumba challenging to learn but I love it!! I think the foot and hip techniques produce a beautiful look even if they are sometimes painful to execute.

Because my teacher was very strict regarding technique in American style, it is not as difficult as if I was starting without any previous ballroom experience, but I think you will find that you move much more slowly through the syllabus. Also, I am told that having a strong foundation in rumba will be very helpful will all the other Latin dances so do practice those rumba walks!!!!

Good luck to you!
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