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no subject
Posted by anymouse
6/28/2007  7:26:00 AM
"i go somewhere ! they say that there are no kick breaks in mambo, i go somewhere else they say yes there are but we do not use hands ! most studios i see have difrent footwork
!i was very angry cause i spend a lot of money to learn !!!
i just believe that in Greece !!! "not talking for other countries" American Style is not a good solution !!! because there are no standards and in Greece the Certificates in American Style are given from the same dance school ! so that means that they may teach u anything they want !!
but if u do international style ! they can't teach u anything they want ! cause
teachers from england come and exam u ! and u get an istd degree !!!!!
in amercan u get an ABCD !!!!! "

You are wrong.

There is no single standardized exam for american style, even over in america. Instead there are many different opinions and several organziations (including the chains) conducting examinations based on their different opinions.
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