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no subject
Posted by wow
7/1/2007  12:52:00 PM
My dance teacher does the same thing. She will not teach me anything, not even one step. I have been taking lessons for 6 months and I am still doing the box steps for the dances.

I thought I would get something out of the group lessons but the group lessons are even worse than my private. We work on how to do the box step in waltz.

I feel the same way as others, that milking the student is all my teachers do.

Ideally, I agree with you that the showcase should wrap everything we have worked on together and polish everything for a show. But in reality, it is quite the opposite.

In reality, my friends and I agree that it is being used to manipulate us into taking more packages. If we don't buy more packages, then we are black listed.

We are writing here to let management eventually get the word that we are not taking it anymore and that we are going elsewhere for lessons.
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