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no subject
Posted by anymouse
7/4/2007  12:24:00 PM
"What is to stop anyone from forming their own dance club. It should be easy to then hire a profession of your own choice, but under your control."

It's a good idea, and it works sometimes. But you have to find a teacher who would rather work for you than work for themselves. The more expert teachers usually have a good situation already, they may even be the owners of the studios your club would compete against (often the owner himself/herself is a good value as a teacher for their fee, but their employees do not have the knowledge and are bound by business policies rather than by what is good for the student's dancing).

Sometimes you can get a younger teacher without a studio business, but often they aren't so expert.

It tends to work best if the club is made up of people the teacher knows would never go to a normal studio: young adults and students at university. Otherwise they see it as competing with their business.
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