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Posted by SmoothGeezer
7/4/2007  5:32:00 PM
Ballroom is more fun than round dancing.

That is not a condemnation of round dancing. It is a simple comparison. Yes, I do know a lot about round dancing as well as other forms of dance. I happen to like dancing, and I have tried many different kinds, just for the fun of it. Because of that I am able to make comparisons. I didn't say round dancing was no fun. If it was no fun, I wouldn't have stayed long enough to learn anything.

Actually the less experience you have, the more fun round dancing will likely be. If you are an experienced ballroom dancer, advanced steps in round dance choreography calling for things that in ballroom would be incorrect is very frustrating. I was able to modify some of this but there is no way out of some of it. On the other hand, phase 2 round dance is so much different from ballroom, that you can do phase 2 and just consider it another dance form, and not worry about things being correct or not (a lot like square dancing or contra dancing). At the higher levels of round dance the advanced patterns, which are obviously intended to be advanced ballroom patterns, need to be done correctly to be successful. That is where the experienced ballroom dancer will have a problem. However, if you are not an experienced ballroom dancer, then you won't know the difference. (So you see, prior experience effects the amount of fun you have.)

There seems to be a common belief among round dancers that ballroom is all about competition. Competition in ballroom is totally optional. It is just another aspect of ballroom that can be explored or ignored. There are many on this group who do participate in that, however if you did a survey of all ballroom dancers, you would find that they are in a very small minority. Most people who do ballroom, do it solely for the enjoyment. So you are incorrect to say, the main difference between the two is competition. Since most do not compete, that is a major similarity.
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