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no subject
Posted by Serendipidy
7/4/2007  8:30:00 PM
So what exactly was Pat Thompson saying when she drew attention to this dancer not getting his second quicks right on the beat. And as Tangotime time when quoting Len Scrivener who said . You can be off the slows, but only a fool would be off the quicks. What screwball answer can you give to that.
Whats in a name said Shakespear. Since one of my friends used my computer my name seems to have been changed. A rose by any other name is still a rose isn`t it.
You said the advice is wrong. So please go ahead and tell Pat and Len where they got it wrong.
You might have noticed that some of us do give a reference as to where the information comes from. I for one never write anything without saying where the information came from wether it be a book or a video or a person. You would do well to follow. You can take that as being advice if you like. Lets hear your answer to the people who do get there quicks in time with the music.
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