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no subject
Posted by Serendipidy
7/6/2007  3:43:00 PM
I would still like to know who instructed you to not get your quicks in the Foxtrot right on the black dot of the crotchet. (Getting the quick right on the black dot.Those words spoken by Pat Thompson 75th Blackpool tapes)
Where you also taught the same in the Tango and the Quickstep, or is this all your own idea. Instead of giving me a string of numbers to look up, just write here what is there. Or is that too dificult. If I were you I would quite before you make a bigger fool of yourself than you are already doing. Deliberately dancing off the beat. What next.
I finaly looked at the message you refered to. It has absolutely nothing to do with getting the quick on the beat.
I stand by this. Get the quicks on the beats and the slowes will look after themselves. As Len Scriverner said. You can be off the slows. But only a fool would be off the quicks.
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