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no subject
Posted by Arhtur Murray Student
7/6/2007  9:08:00 PM
I have been a sudent for over ten years in the Arhtur Murray dance stdudio, and I know the teachers only recomend the best thing for their students. Some other people may tell you otherwise,however, most of those people either could not afford to take lessons at Arthur Murray or may be mom and pop Cha Cha shop type teachers who failed in the Arthur Murray organization. I have gotten so many wonderful benefits of learning to dance, especially because of showcase. When you go,it is not a competition, but you get feedback on all of your dances which i think carries greater value that just placing. Bottom line is you will recieve increased confidence from something you have never thought you could do, meet new people, and have an event to rememeber.
Please take that into consideration before deciding, because nobody could make you do something you do not want to do.
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